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NameCountyCityIndustryRevenue (USD)HeadcountFounded YearDescription
THE WARREN FAMILY TRUSTTHE WARREN FAMILY TRUSTAustraliaReal Estate CreditConduct real estate rental, real estate sales, and building management. It also manages a company that conducts business such as group companies.
G BAKER & S JAMESG BAKER & S JAMESAustraliaThe company manufactures and sells bread for business use, and handles bread, confectionery, and side dish bread. In addition to retail stores, sales are carried out at in-house restaurants.
PHOENIX TRUSTPHOENIX TRUSTAustraliaIndustrial Building ConstructionHe is engaged in real estate management and building management. It also conducts architectural design and construction of public facilities and welfare facilities. In addition, he also manages group companies.
RISING SIGNS CO .RISING SIGNS CO .AustraliaSign Manufacturing10M - 100M500 - 700Design, manufacture, and install signage for shops and public facilities. We handle the production of all kinds of signs and signs such as rooftop signs, wall signs, protruding signs, pole signs, and indoor signs, and are also compatible with small lots. He also produces and installs electronic signs, neon signs, and ground signs.
DO NICE THINGS PTY LTDDO NICE THINGS PTY LTDAustraliaAmbulance ServicesIn addition to staffing, management and cleaning of group companies, he also provides information services using the Internet. In addition, we also undertake rental of costumes and business clothes for weddings and events.
AWSAWSAustraliaCarpet and Upholstery Cleaning Services< 1M<= 100Sales of chemical products such as hand cleaners and air purifiers. It also handles ozone deodorizers and fluorescent lamp cleaners.
& HAMPTONS& HAMPTONSAustraliaJewelry Stores< 1M<= 100He is engaged in the development and sale of computer software. In addition, we also provide consulting on computer use.
CLARITY SHARED SERVICES TRUSTCLARITY SHARED SERVICES TRUSTAustraliaPortfolio ManagementResearch, analysis, and consulting on psychological counseling and communication. He also manages counseling courses and seminars by counselors. In addition, he also manages the'relacuation fortuneteller training school'.
THE TRUSTEE FOR GRANT TRUSTTHE TRUSTEE FOR GRANT TRUSTAustraliaConsumer LendingIt is a company that conducts business related to real estate management and consumer lending. It also handles the operation of investment trust companies and the property insurance agency business.
THE TRUSTEE FOR SO I DID TRUSTTHE TRUSTEE FOR SO I DID TRUSTAustraliaConsumer LendingA company that conducts business related to finance, such as credit checks for companies and establishment of companies, and consulting services related to risk management. He is also involved in the management of group companies and the development of risk management systems.
LIFT GRANTSLIFT GRANTSAustraliaEducational Support ServicesA company that provides financial and health welfare consulting, such as subsidy support and practical guidance. It also provides real estate secured loans and mortgage-backed loans for corporations and sole proprietors. In addition, we also provide employment support for international students and hold seminars.
ENFIELDENFIELDAustraliaPolitical Organizations< 1M<= 100He is involved in the manufacture and sale of yarns, paper products, and printing. As a member, we also wholesale cloth yarns and craft yarns.
DAVID & ALAN ROBINSONDAVID & ALAN ROBINSONAustraliaIndustrial Building ConstructionA company that undertakes business such as writing business such as business cards and envelopes. He also works on concrete construction such as “pillars” and “residence”, and web mail order of culture books and crafts.
THE ARTIST WAREHOUSETHE ARTIST WAREHOUSEAustraliaFurniture Stores< 1M<= 100He sells art supplies, mainly picture frames, art objects, and calligraphy and painting. In addition to handling products such as hanging scroll and folding screens, he also handles the delivery of goods. In addition, he is involved in organizing relics and so on.
THE LIGHTING SHOPTHE LIGHTING SHOPAustraliaOther Lighting Equipment ManufacturingA company that manufactures, sells, imports, and exports of lighting fixtures used in various fields such as houses, offices, and factories. We mainly handle custom-made lighting fixtures, and we can also design and produce original lighting according to customer requirements. He also conducts seminars on lighting.
HELP-TRADEHELP-TRADEAustraliaMotor Vehicle TowingWe carry out freight transportation by truck, and also provide storage services for cargo in our own warehouse. In addition, we are developing a trade business, and undertake the preparation of documents related to trade and consultation on trade.
K.J YOUNG & S.R YOUNGK.J YOUNG & S.R YOUNGAustraliaWe are engaged in printing and processing of textiles and apparel products. In addition to printing advertisements and signboards, we also plan, produce, and construct store signboards and promotional goods.
J KIM & H LEEJ KIM & H LEEAustraliaClothing Accessories StoresWe are engaged in the manufacture and sale of kimono, obi, and accessories. We also work on dyeing and removing stains.
HELP THE KIDS INCORPORATEDHELP THE KIDS INCORPORATEDAustraliaEducational Support ServicesWe provide employment transition support and employment continuation support services mainly for people with disabilities. Work on office work such as data entry, brochure creation, web production, etc. In addition, we partner with children's companies to provide consulting on employment of people with disabilities.
DREAM ART PHOTOGRAPHYDREAM ART PHOTOGRAPHYAustraliaCommercial Photography10M - 100M500 - 700Take advertising photos, such as food, people, and buildings. He also undertakes the production of school albums and photo books. In addition, he also works on web production.