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NameCountyCityIndustryRevenue (USD)HeadcountFounded YearDescription
THE WARREN FAMILY TRUSTTHE WARREN FAMILY TRUSTAustraliaReal Estate CreditConduct real estate rental, real estate sales, and building management. It also manages a company that conducts business such as group companies.
THE TRUSTEE FOR GRANT TRUSTTHE TRUSTEE FOR GRANT TRUSTAustraliaConsumer LendingIt is a company that conducts business related to real estate management and consumer lending. It also handles the operation of investment trust companies and the property insurance agency business.
THE PHOENIX UNIT TRUSTTHE PHOENIX UNIT TRUSTAustraliaIndustrial Building ConstructionMainly engaged in building maintenance and renovation business. It also conducts the construction of public works and real estate management. It also operates group companies that mainly deal with casualty insurance.
FAIR PRICE (AUST) PTY LTDFAIR PRICE (AUST) PTY LTDAustraliaSales FinancingMainly engaged in the trade of food such as rice and confectionery and casualty insurance agency business.
HALL FAMILY TRUSTHALL FAMILY TRUSTAustraliaSales FinancingIt is a company that provides financial services such as consumer lending, auto loans, and property insurance. In addition, it operates a foundation company that sells stone materials and housing equipment.
BOTH FAMILY TRUSTBOTH FAMILY TRUSTAustraliaSales FinancingIt is a company that conducts business such as mail order and real estate brokerage and financial planning. It also manages the “No.1 Insurance Company” group, which deals with casualty insurance.
TANNER FAMILY TRUSTTANNER FAMILY TRUSTAustraliaSales FinancingWe are engaged in mail-order sales of natural stone and property insurance.
THE BREWER FAMILY TRUSTTHE BREWER FAMILY TRUSTAustraliaSales FinancingHolds a group home and provides nursing care services for elderly people. In addition, he engaged in civil engineering work, real estate sales, and property insurance agency business.
THE STEWART TRUSTTHE STEWART TRUSTAustraliaMainly engaged in real estate management and financial planning for individuals and corporations. It also conducts educational projects for children and youth, real estate management, and non-life insurance agency services.
THE TRUSTEE FOR PROSPECT TRUSTTHE TRUSTEE FOR PROSPECT TRUSTAustraliaPolitical OrganizationsHe is engaged in credit checks such as consumer finance, insurance surveys, and business loans. It also conducts compensation consulting and industry-academia collaboration.
THE TRUSTEE FOR FIRST SERVE PROPERTY MAINTENANCE TRUSTTHE TRUSTEE FOR FIRST SERVE PROPERTY MAINTENANCE TRUSTAustraliaPolitical OrganizationsMainly engaged in real estate rental brokerage and real estate management. It also manages and operates group companies that conduct real estate business, property insurance agency, and building maintenance business.
NORFOLK STREET PROPERTY TRUSTNORFOLK STREET PROPERTY TRUSTAustraliaReal Estate CreditMainly engaged in real estate buying and selling and leasing. It also conducts non-life insurance agency business and consumer finance business. Other businesses include group companies, real estate leasing business, and automobile maintenance business.
TEAM MESSTEAM MESSAustraliaMotor Vehicle TowingMainly engaged in the sale and maintenance of new and used cars. It is also characterized by the fact that it also performs vehicle inspection and sheet metal painting. In addition, we also undertake business as a holding company of group companies that carry out rental car business.
HUNTER FAMILY TRUSTHUNTER FAMILY TRUSTAustraliaSales FinancingHolds shares in companies that carry out environmental conservation projects. It also develops non-life insurance agency business, real estate management, and telecommunications business.
THIRTY PLUS ASSOCIATION INCORPORATEDTHIRTY PLUS ASSOCIATION INCORPORATEDAustraliaGrantmaking FoundationsMainly engaged in property management and dispatch of lecturers to lectures and seminars in the fields of health, education, and welfare. It also manages companies that support health management, social insurance, and medical services.
BANK OF SYDNEY LTDBANK OF SYDNEY LTDAustraliaSales Financing10M - 100MIt mainly conducts financing services for individuals and corporations. In addition to general loans such as unsecured loans, it also deals with car leasing and property insurance as an insurance agent. In addition, he also handles the operation of a community bank.
BUILDING CERTIFIERS AUST PTY LTDBUILDING CERTIFIERS AUST PTY LTDAustraliaMarketing Consulting ServicesWe provide comprehensive consulting services such as building compensation, including environmental health management and pest control such as termites and wasps. In addition to the construction and maintenance of building environments, the company also sells insurance as a non-life insurance agent.
D DAY & L DAYD DAY & L DAYAustraliaPortfolio ManagementIt is a company that develops mail order business using the Internet. It also conducts product planning and development, non-life insurance agency, and seminar management.
THE BARKER FAMILY TRUSTTHE BARKER FAMILY TRUSTAustraliaSales FinancingMainly engaged in the sale of stone and building materials, brokerage of real estate leasing, and consumer finance.
USC LIONSUSC LIONSAustraliaHe is engaged in brokerage services for real estate rental, and handles mainly residential properties such as apartments and condominiums. In addition, the company will develop a mail order business for housing and so on, and also conducts property insurance agency services. In addition, he is engaged in dispatching instructors with experience in real estate brokerage, management, and real estate consulting.