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NameCountyCityIndustryRevenue (USD)HeadcountFounded YearDescription
CORPORATE ADMINISTRATION AGENCYCORPORATE ADMINISTRATION AGENCYAustraliaPolitical OrganizationsHe is responsible for the management of a corporation that conducts business services such as tax, human resources, and accounting. It also provides consulting services such as business planning and management. In addition, we will also engage in joint ventures with venture companies.
CORPORATE DESIGNS PTY LTDCORPORATE DESIGNS PTY LTDAustraliaScientific Research and Development ServicesWe undertake 3D design using materials such as natural stone, wood, and plastic. We also provide product development support such as production of prototype models and inspection and analysis of products. In addition, he conducts seminars for companies related to the use of intellectual property rights and the use of intellectual property rights.
EVENTS AUSTRALIA & INTERNATIONALEVENTS AUSTRALIA & INTERNATIONALAustraliaMuseums, Historical Sites, and Similar InstitutionsIt is a company that conducts sales promotion and event planning, production, and management. It is also possible to respond to international conferences, exhibitions, and seminars. In addition, he also handles consulting on advertising and promotion.
WILL-CONSTRUCT PTY LTDWILL-CONSTRUCT PTY LTDAustraliaConstruction, Transportation, Mining, and Forestry Machinery and Equipment Rental and LeasingHe is engaged in obi, earthwork, concrete work, and pavement work. It also supports rental of heavy equipment.
ENGINEERING INDUSTRIES AUSTRALIA PTY LTDENGINEERING INDUSTRIES AUSTRALIA PTY LTDAustraliaScientific Research and Development ServicesA company that engages in contract design and manufacturing of industrial machinery and civil engineering machinery. It also conducts labor dispatch business and the management of group companies. In addition, he undergoes a wide range of IT-related tasks, such as software development and human resource development.
KEEPING AUSTRALIA SAFE PTY LTDKEEPING AUSTRALIA SAFE PTY LTDAustraliaAccounting, Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping, and Payroll ServicesWe undertake security such as traffic guidance at construction sites, etc., and traffic agency such as parking lot management. In addition, he also handles driving agency for private cars, cleaning and maintenance of buildings.
WHEELS WITHIN WHEELS PTY LTDWHEELS WITHIN WHEELS PTY LTDAustraliaAutomotive Parts and Accessories StoresThe company sells tires and wheels, as well as parts of automobiles.
PACK TECH A/SPACK TECH A/SAustraliaMetalworking Machinery ManufacturingWe are engaged in logistics processing such as packaging and inspection. We also undertake machine assembly and installation work. In addition, he is also involved in staffing.
POKEMONPOKEMONAustralia10M - 100M500 - 700The company manufactures and sells toys such as paper toys, card games, and plastic models. In addition, he also sells flower vases and teapot sets.
HIS HARVEST LIMITEDHIS HARVEST LIMITEDAustraliaAll Other General Purpose Machinery ManufacturingProduces, processes, and sells agricultural products such as rice, wheat, and vegetables. In addition, we will also work on supporting new farming.
WILL KEEP MOVINGWILL KEEP MOVINGAustraliaEmployment ServicesIn addition to transporting cargo, he also handles moving work such as relocation of offices and relocating heavy goods. We also undertake packaging, assembly, and unpacking in warehouses. In addition, it also supports installation and removal of TVs and refrigerators, and weeding work.
ADVANCE MARKETING LIMITEDADVANCE MARKETING LIMITEDAustraliaResearch and Development in the Social Sciences and HumanitiesA company that provides “G Cluster”, a cloud-based business application aimed at improving operational efficiency and reducing costs of logistics operations. It is also engaged in system and server construction, maintenance, and operation services. Advance Marketing is a multi-regional telecommunications company based out of Pittsburgh, PA. Our experienced staff works directly with businesses to provide service and support in relation to their Phone, Internet, Cable and Cloud-based services. We understand that time is valuable, which is why we save our customers’ time by gathering quotes, activating their services, and providing post-sale tech support. Our goal is to keep our customers up and running. Our Mission
A YOUNG & N.G YOUNGA YOUNG & N.G YOUNGAustraliaConstruction of BuildingsWe are engaged in the production of original T-shirts and cut sews, and are characterized by using silk threads. In addition, we undertake public works ordered by local governments such as wall construction of cultural facilities and school yard maintenance work. In addition, we operate “e-town”, a web shop for fabrics manufactured in-house.
THE BEACH BOYSTHE BEACH BOYSAustralia10M - 100M500 - 700It is a company that plans and manages exhibitions and events such as famous artists and cultural figures. In addition, he is engaged in the management of entertainment productions and selling goods.
MEDIA TWOMEDIA TWOAustraliaManagement Consulting ServicesWe are involved in the production and management of websites, and also undertake planning and development of web contents. In addition, he also manages web media and develops systems. Content Management System (CMS) - web browser site editing to edit your own site and manage your own site content | Brisbane, Australia
FURNITURE SERVICES AUSTRALIA PTY LTDFURNITURE SERVICES AUSTRALIA PTY LTDAustraliaReupholstery and Furniture Repair> 100MWe manufacture, sell, and install custom furniture to shops such as restaurants, retail stores and offices. We also undertake furniture repairs and renovations.
EVOLUTIONEVOLUTIONAustraliaAutomotive Equipment Rental and Leasing10M - 100MIt is a company that sells automobile-related products such as new and used cars. We mainly deal in automotive parts, and also import and sell them. EVolution for quality Electric Vehicle and EVSE car chargers, components and adaptors in Australia and New Zealand. If you've just bought a used Mitsubishi i-miev or Outlander PHEV, looking at Nissan LEAF car import or want to get the best price on a Hyundai Ioniq, Kona or Tesla Model 3
DISTRICT NEWSLETTERDISTRICT NEWSLETTERAustraliaTransportation Equipment ManufacturingPublish “Convenience Store Bulletin”, a web magazine specializing in the construction industry such as residential and building transactions. It also deals with publications such as “Construction Machinery News” and “Construction Machinery News”. In addition, various seminars are held, such as real estate investment seminars.
J SMITH & M SMITHJ SMITH & M SMITHAustraliaWood Product ManufacturingManufacture and sale of processed wood products such as piles, columns, and beams used in construction and civil engineering. In addition, the company also manufactures and sells stone for residential use.
ABLE AUSTRALIA SERVICESABLE AUSTRALIA SERVICESAustraliaAdvertising AgenciesWe undertake the mediation of license holders such as architects and developers, and management of construction work and civil engineering work. He also handles the preparation and submission of documents to be submitted to government offices, etc., and management of non-life insurance agents.