List Of 4,294,617 Companies In Australia - Updated 5/2022| Revenue, Employees, Emails, Address

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NameCountyCityIndustryRevenue (USD)HeadcountFounded YearDescription
Epharmacy LtdEpharmacy LtdAustraliaMedical Laboratories10M - 100MA company that sells medicines, cosmetics, health foods, etc. We also provide medical information services such as drug selection and dietary advice. In addition, the company also sells products for the elderly and nursing care products. ePharmacy Direct - Browse an extensive online catalogue of health products and medicines and have them delivered direct to your home
AUSTRALIAN COUNTRY RETAIL PTY LTDAUSTRALIAN COUNTRY RETAIL PTY LTDAustralia45 - Sporting Goods, Musical Instruments, Books, General Merchandise, Miscellaneous, Nonstore RetailersIt is engaged in wholesale and retail of fruits and vegetables, as well as the manufacture and sale of household goods and books. In addition, he also manages “Sakura-an”, a chain of supermarkets.
The Trustee for Direct Mailing CoThe Trustee for Direct Mailing CoAustraliaEmployment ServicesWe provide services that post and deliver direct mail, and correspond to manual shipping and collection work. In addition, we also undertake the posting business of advertisements such as flyers and sample products.
The Trustee for The Granted Access TrustThe Trustee for The Granted Access TrustAustraliaAdministrative, Support, Waste Mgmt., Remediation ServicesA company that conducts credit checks and financial services for companies and individuals. It also manages real estate, etc., and provides information services to members.
The Trustee for The Public Office Unit TrustThe Trustee for The Public Office Unit TrustAustraliaConstruction of BuildingsIn addition to the construction of a foundation such as architecture, civil engineering, and public works, it also conducts credit checks and software development. As a non-life insurance agency, he is also involved in real estate buying and selling and brokerage.
MARKET ANALYST INTERNATIONAL PTY LTDMARKET ANALYST INTERNATIONAL PTY LTDAustraliaResearch and Development in the Social Sciences and Humanities< 1MA company that conducts consulting services such as marketing, data analysis, and new business development support. We support a wide range of fields, including finance, automotive, media, and food. We have a track record of dealing with about 900 companies.
FOCUS PACIFIC ACQUISITIONS PTY LTDFOCUS PACIFIC ACQUISITIONS PTY LTDAustraliaProfessional, Scientific, and Technical ServicesA company that conducts trade assistance and compensation consulting services. In trade support, we undertake document preparation agency, market research, etc. In compensation consulting, we are responsible for contracting business losses and reducing the burden on client companies. In addition, overseas business travel is also carried out.
AUSTRALIAN PRODUCT DYNAMICS PTY. LTD.AUSTRALIAN PRODUCT DYNAMICS PTY. LTD.AustraliaNondepository Credit IntermediationIt is a company that manufactures and sells ship fittings such as anchors and anchor chains for boats. We also handle optional products such as anchor chains, anchor bolts, and cranes. In addition, we are also engaged in environmental tests on small ships, such as the ability to analyze the effects of hydraulic cylinders on the human body.
Sydney Pretty Women AssociationSydney Pretty Women AssociationAustraliaIndustrial Machinery ManufacturingIt is a company that manufactures and sells women's clothing. The main business is sewing and selling. In addition, various events and seminars are held.
All Stars NetballAll Stars NetballAustraliaPassenger Car RentalMainly engaged in the sale and rental of real estate such as condominiums. In addition, he is engaged in the accounting and human resource education business of group companies, and sales of casualty insurance.
BE INTERNATIONAL MARKETING PTY LTDBE INTERNATIONAL MARKETING PTY LTDAustraliaSecurities, Commodity Contracts, and Other Financial Investments and Related ActivitiesA company that conducts overseas expansion consulting, trade business, and market research. In addition to supporting overseas expansion of small and medium-sized enterprises, we also provide financial consulting services such as financing and tax. It also develops a retail business with a focus on online shopping.
A VERNON & A.N VERNONA VERNON & A.N VERNONAustraliaTelecommunicationsIt is a company that develops trade business in textile products such as clothing and miscellaneous goods. In addition to the trade of industrial materials such as building materials, the company also manages the exhibition hall of textile products and museums, and exports to more than 50 countries around the world.
A PETERSON & J PETERSONA PETERSON & J PETERSONAustralia33 - Primary Metal, Fabricated Metal Products, Machinery, Computer & Electronic Products, Electrical Equipment, Appliance, & Component, Transportation Equipment, Furniture & Related Products, MiscellaneousManufactures, sells, repairs, and adjustments of musical instruments such as violins, violas and cellos. It also operates studios and music classes that can be used by individuals in addition to corporations. In addition, we also sell mail order on our website.
INSIGHT INNOVATION INDUSTRIES PTY LTDINSIGHT INNOVATION INDUSTRIES PTY LTDAustraliaMarketing Research and Public Opinion PollingA company that conducts sales and sales promotion consulting for IT and home appliances manufacturers. We also undertake data analysis and human resource development consulting for manufacturers. In addition, we are engaged in product development and sales support for the automotive industry.
2020 FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS PTY LTD2020 FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS PTY LTDAustraliaSavings InstitutionsA company that prepares and provides information on financial products to financial institutions such as banks, securities companies, and insurance companies. We provide a wide range of services from the perspective of risk management to the development and guidance of risk management personnel.
Ranges Mining Pty LtdRanges Mining Pty LtdAustraliaForestry and LoggingThe company is engaged in the mining and crushing of limestone and sand in construction and civil engineering. In addition, as a group company, he undertakes operations such as mining, unloading, and transportation.
BUSINESS SOLUTIONS PTY LTDBUSINESS SOLUTIONS PTY LTDAustraliaEducational ServicesWe are engaged in the development and operation of business systems. We also provide consulting on business improvement and system introduction. In addition, we also undertake employee training etc.
GLOBAL DATA PROTECTION AGENCY PTY LTDGLOBAL DATA PROTECTION AGENCY PTY LTDAustraliaPortfolio ManagementWe are developing a system for analyzing data such as customer profiling and questionnaire surveys. It also provides a “data warehouse” that stores and manages customer information.
BITOF ENTERTAINMENTBITOF ENTERTAINMENTAustraliaAutomotive Equipment Rental and LeasingHe is involved in the planning of video, DVD, and video software that are mainly used in commercials, TV programs, and events. It also plans to sell DVDs produced by group companies and rent condominiums.
I am Event 2008I am Event 2008AustraliaProfessional, Scientific, Tech. ServicesHe is involved in the planning and production of events, as well as construction, operation, and management. It also supports the production of ceremonies, exhibitions, and promotional videos.