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Name Country City Industry Revenue (USD) Headcount Founded year Description
STONE INFO SECURITY PTY LTDSTONE INFO SECURITY PTY LTD Australia We provide security solutions to companies and maintain and manage data centers, and monitor cloud services using a web monitoring system. It also provides information leakage countermeasures services aimed at preventing information leakage.
HITACHI SOLUTIONS ASIA PACIFIC PTE. LTD.HITACHI SOLUTIONS ASIA PACIFIC PTE. LTD. Australia A company that provides a consistent support system from system development to operation and maintenance. In addition to the group's services, we also develop cloud services such as “EXTTEX” and “eXTTETE”.
REAL BUSINESS SOFTWARE PTY LTDREAL BUSINESS SOFTWARE PTY LTD Australia 10M - 100M A company that develops and sells software specialized in contract development business. We have a track record of developing design management systems and operation management systems for construction machinery manufacturers. We also provide support services for cloud services and system introduction. We're all more successful together. JCurve Solutions (ASX: JCS) delivers cloud business software that helps companies build, grow, and succeed.
RETAIL FINANCE INTELLIGENCE PTY. LTD.RETAIL FINANCE INTELLIGENCE PTY. LTD. Australia 10M - 100M We provide information to financial institutions, brokerage firms, and general trading companies using the Internet, etc.
THE KEY TRUSTTHE KEY TRUST Australia 10M - 100M We provide a cloud-based video conference system “SOLA” that can be used to reduce the burden of corporate meetings. The “SOLA” can automatically create invoices and send them to the cloud in the event of a disaster. In addition, we support the development and sales of communication systems for companies. KeyTrust is an IT managed services and software development company based in Melbourne, Australia. The company specialises in a range of information technology areas including Web Application Development, Remote Terminal Access, Secure Messaging, Authentication Services, Two Factor Authentication, Secure Remote Access,CLI, Mobile Phone, VPN, Secure Email, Digital Certificate,SSL VPN, IPSec, IPSec Tunnelling, Hardware ID, SMS, SUP, Single Use Password, MUP, Multiple Use Password, Trusted eBusiness, Authentication Services, SSO, Sign Sign On, OTP, LDAP, RADIUS and Active Directorye.
CORPORATE PAYMENT SOLUTIONS PTY LTDCORPORATE PAYMENT SOLUTIONS PTY LTD Australia We provide payment services such as credit card payment and electronic money payment for companies. It also provides a cloud-type payment system.
ACON HEALTH LIMITEDACON HEALTH LIMITED Australia 10M - 100M A company that offers a rental server service with its strengths in providing two-way rental servers. It is characterized by the ability to choose servers, file servers, and DB servers according to customer needs, and a system that can be used as a backup of data. It also handles domain acquisition agency. This domain name is registered and secured with Crazy Domains, a world leader domain name and web hosting provider.
ON DEMAND SOLUTIONS PTY. LIMITED.ON DEMAND SOLUTIONS PTY. LIMITED. Australia 10M - 100M We are involved in the planning and design of information systems, software development, and system introduction support. We also provide cloud services such as cloud backup. In addition, we also undertake system operation and maintenance work.
BUSINESS NEWS PTY LTDBUSINESS NEWS PTY LTD Australia 10M - 100M We collect and provide information on big data, and provide it to companies. In addition, we also undertake data aggregation and analysis. Western Australia’s leading news and data service
ORACLE CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS PTY. LTD.ORACLE CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS PTY. LTD. Australia 10M - 100M A company that develops customer management systems and sales support systems, and builds cloud services. We also provide consulting on the launch of new businesses. OracleCMS provide elite call centre services in Australia. Outsourced customer care and contact centre services. Call for a quote call 1300 760 011
INNOVATIVE HOME SOLUTIONS PTY. LTD.INNOVATIVE HOME SOLUTIONS PTY. LTD. Australia 10M - 100M Provide “Zenland”, a cloud service specialized in optical lines. In addition, the company sells software for security measures that protect against computer viruses and software that automatically connects to communication lines.
SOLUTIONS THREE PTY LTDSOLUTIONS THREE PTY LTD Australia 10M - 100M We are engaged in contract development of software and planning and design of computer networks. He also provides support and consulting for computer use, and development and operation of cloud services.
THE TEMPO TRUSTTHE TEMPO TRUST Australia 10M - 100M We are involved in the construction and operation of IT infrastructure such as servers, LANs, and networks. We also undertake the development of web systems and applications, and domain acquisition agency. In addition, we provide consulting on cloud utilization and information security. No Start Page Could not display this Web Site as no Start Page has been configured. To configure a default starting page, set one of your Web Pages to be the Start Page. Please contact your Administrator for more information.
K CARE HEALTHCARE SOLUTIONS PTY LTDK CARE HEALTHCARE SOLUTIONS PTY LTD Australia 10M - 100M We are engaged in the development and sale of medical systems. Provide cloud services such as electronic medical record systems, recept computers, and electronic drug history systems. In addition, the company also develops and sells various devices for recept inspection.
HUON IT PTY LTDHUON IT PTY LTD Australia 10M - 100M A company that develops and sells cloud-based application software. He also conducts consulting on cloud utilization, such as system analysis and evaluation of system operations and security measures. We are also working on network construction services. At Huon IT, we help businesses with their strategy, managed IT services, project services, cloud, software development, security and networking, and more.
AZURE HEALTHCARE LIMITEDAZURE HEALTHCARE LIMITED Australia 10M - 100M We are engaged in system construction, maintenance, and consulting for medical institutions. We also support the introduction of cloud services. Azure Healthcare Limited (ASX:AZV) is an international provider of healthcare communication and clinical workflow management solutions.
B2B TECHNOLOGIES PTY LTDB2B TECHNOLOGIES PTY LTD Australia 10M - 100M We are involved in the planning, design and development of web systems. We also provide information processing services such as data mining. In addition, we also support database system construction and website production. B2B Technologies is founded in Atlanta Georgia. Musical Database B2B selected by MCA Records to build one of the largest, multi-object databases in the US to store and index large images, and music clips. Internet Banking B2B is selected by Equifax E-Banking System to build some of the key modules for one of the first Internet banking systems. Customer Work Flow B2B streamlined the process to offer multiple services to SunTrust Bank’s retail customers, reducing the down time for costomers.
Aurionpro Solutions Pty LtdAurionpro Solutions Pty Ltd Australia 10M - 100M In addition to the three-dimensional design of systems such as cloud services, system construction, and operation management, it also develops security services such as the destruction of hard disks and PCs that dismantle and erase data. We are also developing a business to dispatch engineers.
BRILLIANT BUSINESS SOLUTIONS PTY. LTD.BRILLIANT BUSINESS SOLUTIONS PTY. LTD. Australia We are engaged in business related to the information and communication industry, such as system consulting, system development, and service operation and maintenance. It also provides services such as web application development and cloud PBX services.
LAW IN ORDER PTY LTDLAW IN ORDER PTY LTD Australia 10M - 100M We develop and sell software to prevent eavesdropping of calls and data leakage by utilizing the functions of devices such as smartphones and tablets. It also provides cloud services that protect the face of companies. Law In Order is a leading provider of document & digital solutions in Australia.