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Name Country City Industry Revenue (USD) Headcount Founded year Description
SOURCE TECHNOLOGY PTY. LTD.SOURCE TECHNOLOGY PTY. LTD. Australia 10M - 100M A company that conducts risk management consulting and information security consulting. We also plan, develop, and sell security equipment, and prevent and maintain them. It also handles laptops and PCs, as well as smartphones and tablets. WA Wholesaler of Security Systems and Solutions
REAL BUSINESS SOFTWARE PTY LTDREAL BUSINESS SOFTWARE PTY LTD Australia 10M - 100M A company that develops and sells software specialized in contract development business. We have a track record of developing design management systems and operation management systems for construction machinery manufacturers. We also provide support services for cloud services and system introduction. We're all more successful together. JCurve Solutions (ASX: JCS) delivers cloud business software that helps companies build, grow, and succeed.
INTEGRATION SOLUTIONS PTY LTDINTEGRATION SOLUTIONS PTY LTD Australia <1M In addition to software development and system introduction, we also perform operation and maintenance work. The main products include the family sales application “Liaison Sales”, and the “Flat 7" series of escape games.
THE KEY TRUSTTHE KEY TRUST Australia 10M - 100M We provide a cloud-based video conference system “SOLA” that can be used to reduce the burden of corporate meetings. The “SOLA” can automatically create invoices and send them to the cloud in the event of a disaster. In addition, we support the development and sales of communication systems for companies. KeyTrust is an IT managed services and software development company based in Melbourne, Australia. The company specialises in a range of information technology areas including Web Application Development, Remote Terminal Access, Secure Messaging, Authentication Services, Two Factor Authentication, Secure Remote Access,CLI, Mobile Phone, VPN, Secure Email, Digital Certificate,SSL VPN, IPSec, IPSec Tunnelling, Hardware ID, SMS, SUP, Single Use Password, MUP, Multiple Use Password, Trusted eBusiness, Authentication Services, SSO, Sign Sign On, OTP, LDAP, RADIUS and Active Directorye.
CORRECT SAFETY PTY LTDCORRECT SAFETY PTY LTD Australia 1M - 5M We are engaged in the development, operation, and consulting of information systems. In addition to developing and selling software, we also provide system introduction support and training services. Specialists in practical & cost effective fall arrest systems. Offering all working at height solutions with offices located in Melbourne & Adelaide. Call 1300 794 046
CHANNEL BUILDING SOLUTIONS PTY LTDCHANNEL BUILDING SOLUTIONS PTY LTD Australia We develop and sell software such as business efficiency systems and commutity calculation systems. He also provides consulting on computer use.
ON DEMAND SOLUTIONS PTY. LIMITED.ON DEMAND SOLUTIONS PTY. LIMITED. Australia 10M - 100M We are involved in the planning and design of information systems, software development, and system introduction support. We also provide cloud services such as cloud backup. In addition, we also undertake system operation and maintenance work.
INNOVATIVE HOME SOLUTIONS PTY. LTD.INNOVATIVE HOME SOLUTIONS PTY. LTD. Australia 10M - 100M Provide “Zenland”, a cloud service specialized in optical lines. In addition, the company sells software for security measures that protect against computer viruses and software that automatically connects to communication lines.
SOLUTIONS THREE PTY LTDSOLUTIONS THREE PTY LTD Australia 10M - 100M We are engaged in contract development of software and planning and design of computer networks. He also provides support and consulting for computer use, and development and operation of cloud services.
SRI SRI PTY LTDSRI SRI PTY LTD Australia 10M - 100M In addition to the operation of a call center that conducts consulting, it also provides information services such as fortune-telling and software sales. He also works on publishing horoscope books and producing dental laboratory operations.
TECHNOLOGY CORE PTY LTDTECHNOLOGY CORE PTY LTD Australia 10M - 100M A company that develops and sells software for business use. We also undertake contract development of software and support the introduction of cloud systems. In addition, he also provides technical guidance for companies such as improvement of operational efficiency and group work.
ACQUIRE TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS PTY LTDACQUIRE TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS PTY LTD Australia 10M - 100M We develop, sell, and contract development of software related to logistics systems such as warehouse management and material management. In addition to selling packaged software, we also undertake web production. acQuire provides a world class geoscientific data management software package combining people, processes & technology. Learn more today.
HANDY DEVELOPMENTS PTY. LTD.HANDY DEVELOPMENTS PTY. LTD. Australia 10M - 100M In addition to operating a learning school, he also sells software and books. Other provision of information on the Internet is also provided.
EVOLVE INTELLIGENCE PTY LTDEVOLVE INTELLIGENCE PTY LTD Australia 10M - 100M We are engaged in the development and sale of software for data analysis. In addition, we also provide education and training on data analysis and system operation.
HUON IT PTY LTDHUON IT PTY LTD Australia 10M - 100M A company that develops and sells cloud-based application software. He also conducts consulting on cloud utilization, such as system analysis and evaluation of system operations and security measures. We are also working on network construction services. At Huon IT, we help businesses with their strategy, managed IT services, project services, cloud, software development, security and networking, and more.
HILL-ROM PTY LTDHILL-ROM PTY LTD Australia 10M - 100M In addition to operating a shipbuilding training school, he also sells books and magazines. In addition, we are engaged in the sale of software and information provision services on the web.
EXECUTIVE SECURITY SOLUTIONS PTY LTDEXECUTIVE SECURITY SOLUTIONS PTY LTD Australia 10M - 100M A company that investigates and counteracts information leakage, eavesdropping, and virus infections in individuals and corporations. We also provide security consulting such as security education and training. In addition, we are engaged in the development and sales of security equipment, and the acquisition of ISO2700 certification.
Aurionpro Solutions Pty LtdAurionpro Solutions Pty Ltd Australia 10M - 100M In addition to the three-dimensional design of systems such as cloud services, system construction, and operation management, it also develops security services such as the destruction of hard disks and PCs that dismantle and erase data. We are also developing a business to dispatch engineers.
L G SYSTEM INCORPORATEDL G SYSTEM INCORPORATED Australia We are engaged in system design, development, operation, and consulting. The main products we handle are the package-type J-Force series. In addition, we also develop application software.
COOL-OFF PTY LTDCOOL-OFF PTY LTD Australia 10M - 100M He is engaged in the operation of a call center that mainly deals with IT-related products such as software sales and information provision services. We also undertake mail order business and web production.